FireSync Shift Calendar App Reviews

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Not bad

Only 3 starts due to not being able to customize days without syncing to my personal calendar. Emailed app support to see about a possible solution and no response...

Updated calendar is hard to read

I strongly preferred the previous setup to the current on. The days were listed in a traditional block style with your events under that. You could see a short title of your event. Now the days are a circle. The info for your day’s events are not listed under the day so you must open the day to view any events. Now there is a timeline bar around the day that indicates how much of your day is already planned. I don’t really care for that. Now there is a dot at the bottom of the day to indicate if there are any events on your schedule. This new calendar requires more user input to view events. In my opinion the older calendar was much more user friendly, quicker to use, and easier to read. How can I revert back to the old calendar?

Great calendar

Best shift app yet!!!!!

I paid money for this app

I paid for this app, now every time I click on the calendar I have to look at an add for the new sponsor that paid for it to make it free for everyone. While I think that’s great of them to sponsor it so it’s free for everyone. I don’t think the people who paid money for the app should have to sit through the add thanking the new sponsor! They didn’t die anything for me and now I spend 3 seconds waiting for the add to go away every time I want to look at my calendar!

Greatest app ever

I love this thing man thanks for making it link to my iCal and my wife can use it for free to go keep track of my fire and ambulance shifts thanks again


The shift days don’t match the colors. Red says B shift etc

Doesn’t work

My fire departments not on this app. Or at least I couldn’t find it.


Takes a little bit of a set up(2-5 min) . BUT, once you have your schedule set up it allows you to email it in to be added.

Sold out to advertisement

Updated review(July 2018): app takes longer to load now just to show you some credit union advertisement?! How much more can I pay to ditch the ad and speed the app back up? Use it everyday. Flawless integrating to iOS calendar. Love the update for iPhone X!

Cert Tracker

The cert tracker crashes my app each time I attempt to input a certification. Otherwise love the app.

Totally confusing

Forces you to over-complicate a simple rotation calendar.

Great app

Been using awhile now, I love it. Quick question though, is the fee monthly?? Thanks

Retired firefighter

Was trying to find an app for my phone to keep tarck of my son's shift rather than carry around a paper calendar. This app is very difficult. It wants to link to your phone calendar to work and does not seem to support a A,B,A,B,C,D.C,D schedule. Unhappy


Did not like at all. Very confusing. Would like a refund.

Good App, not for everyone

Well the features of this app are great, so I wont give it a one star rating. It does not allow a 4 on 4 off rotation with 2 days followed by 2 nights- the schedule we use in the department. More upset about the 5 bucks i wasted in figuring that out as they dont allude to it in the description.

Awesome app

Well designed app. Creator got back to me fast with answers when I had questions. Now my wife can see my schedule and we can sync our calendars.

Love it

The app is great. The only thing I wish I could do is add nightshifts.

Everything I need

This app allows me to enter swaps, leave, training, and any event that doesn't pertain to the fire service. It's not your standard shift calendar that only shows what shift it is. Well worth it.

Great app

Seems to be user friendly so far, love how it syncs my personal calendar but have had a few app “shut downs” when attempting to use a contact for a trade.

It doesn’t launch

I bought this app today and it doesn’t launch.

Great app

I have been in the fire service 21 years and this is the easiest scheduling method I have ever used highly recommended.

Awesome App!

Love this app. Makes keeping up with trades, vacation time, and stick time TOO easy. Being able to make notes on certain calls is awesome! If you are in any emergency service, this app is a must have!

Easy to use

Highly recommend this app. I use this app everyday to keep my busy life in order. Like having my fire calendar lined up with my personal life calendar!!

Too vague, doesn't set up.

I've left feedback explaining my confusion and disappointment in this app. Nothing! I want my money back!

So far the best F/F calendar app

So far this has been the best shift calendar app I have had. I have found the sync feature with all my other calendars on my Apple devices extremely useful.

So far so good!!!

So far I am very impressed with this app. I like that it syncs with my personal calendar so can see if I have any appointments on my off days before I go ahead with a trade time. I also like that family members (my wife) can have access to my account so she's not guessing or asking me what my shift schedule looks like and can view it herself! My only concern or problem with this app is that I work a 72 hr work week (Fed Fire) where we work 48 on 48 off with a rotating day off (RDO). The calendar seems to reset every month instead of continuing with the same pattern. I'm sure once I bring this up to the developers they can make a fix for us federal employees. Then this will be a 5 star app!!! Keep up the great work!!! Definitely telling my coworkers about this app. I'm sure they will all use it! Thank you! EDIT: 1/2/17- So my initial concern with this app was that the calendar wasn't consistent with my departments schedule of 48 on 48 off and would reset every month instead of continuing with that schedule. Well, I was initially only putting in the first month of my schedule so I decided to do two whole months and the app recognized the pattern and set it up for the whole year! And I was able to set my RDO days as debit days. Giving this app 5 stars. No better app on the market!

Live this calendar. It's a must have!

This calendar has answered all my prayers. It does everything I need it to do and it's reliable. Have been using for months and it never crashed. Love that you can sync it with you native iPhone calendar and share with other people. Absolutely a must have with today's busy family working multiple jobs. I had the calendar made by Gil but it keeps crashing and they haven't made up an update. This one is the way to go. Worth every penny. Thank you.

Customer support is awesome!

Great customer support and app is cool. Had trouble making my schedule, one email later I'm up and running!

Best Fire calendar I have used in 15 years.

I have no complaints. The options are great. Full service. Nothing extra to buy. Worth the 5 bucks.

Great app, Kelly days from my iPad.

For the 2.03 version: I can load kelly days from my iPhone but cannot load from my iPad. When I try to select day and press save nothing happens. Can this be fixed please?

Great Calendar

This calendar works great for anyone working a rotating shift schedule who needs to be able to program that pattern without individually adding shifts. I especially like that they set up the calendar by asking you to set out a full rotation instead of making you pick from a pre-set list. They also let you send them the schedule so others on the dept. can access it and save time. I sent an email letting them know that the schedule I set up is for both our Fire and EMS departments in town, and was surprised to actually get a response letting me know that they'd go ahead and make both accessible. TL;DR good calendar if you work Fire/EMS. Worth the money. Will make life easier. Give these guys your money.

Part time

It's good but it would be great if people that are part time could plug in that they work that day because we sign up for our shifts and we could work the whole day or the front or back 12 and no app helps us with that


100x better than IAFF procal (which was unfortunately the only decent app before this). This app has everything and the developers are awesome at taking feedback. It's clear they designed it with firefighters in mind!

Solid app with no subscription

Being able to sync all my calendars in one app alongside my work schedule is awesome. 5 stars if you go back to the old icon.

Great App

This is by far the best fire schedule app available. Easy to use app for keeping a schedule. A few things to add: 1. Bi-Weekly in the Accrual Frequency 2. Appointment should be in black and not red 3. The ability to sync between an iPhone and iPad The new update did not have a Bi-Weekly Accrual Frequency setting.

Best Shift Calendar

I've tried a few, this ones the best so far, good syncing with outlook exchange, iCal, Google calendar. It's great having your department pre loaded. The only problem has been frequent crashes and shut downs. Would give 5 stars if it wasn't for the crashes.


I've been looking for a new scheduler since Leaky Nozzle went defunct and I think I've found it!!


Finally, a shift calendar app. that I've been looking for! It syncs with your current iPhone or smartphone calendar. No more paper calendars or looking at two separate calendars. Easily track your DT/HT and OT. These guys really hit the nail on the head! Great app

Should be everyone's go to!

Great functionality and easy to you. Features are intuitive and well-thought out. Simple, elegant, and very versatile


This App. is by far the best I have seen for not only my shift schedule but trades, OTs, incidents and it merges all of my calendars into one and updates both ways. I highly recommend this app to anyone that is on shift work and specially if you are managing more than one calendar. NICE JOB GUYS!

Great app

Very helpful if you work rotating shifts. I work a rotating 14 day shift cycle and was having trouble entering the info, I sent an email to firesync feedback and was emailed within 8 mins! Was provided info on how to enter my work schedule now it works! Highly recommend

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